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April 08, 2011


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Mr. Holt, don't bother telling the readers that there is a commercial cap limiting the catch, or that they was only given 1 day a week to catch those fish, or that there was several thousand pounds left on the tiny quota that hadn't been caught, or that the vessel captains offered to donate the fish to soup kitchens so they could have been put to good use, or that there are also four recreational fishermen seated on the MFC, two of which voted for the proposal. You try to make it sound as it there is no recreational representation on the committe, when infact four of the the nine members have direct recreational ties including fishing guides and CCA who created and proposed the rules. Now when commercial fishermen follow the rules you cry foul.

jake fido

the author has not researched the history, does not know the safmc, asmfc,
mafmc, jlcsa, nmfs, and limits within the mfc operates. the author is uninformed or an idiot

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