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April 02, 2011


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nags head waterman

i think i have the answer to the trivia question was the author wait wait i live east of i-95 never mind. keep up the good work jamie and britton your voice and actions are alot stronger than the single minded rants coming from these "wealthy white men" only after some form of personal gain under the disguise of conservation. with eight years of formal education i would think flyguy might have a better understanding of what is best for the local enconomy not just his own personal agenda. he must be a very wealthy white man. and chuck well he seems to know everthing so maybe he can take a crack at the trivia question i think he needs a copy of the fisheries reform act more than anyone.

good luck and STAY THE COURSE.

Chuck Laughridge

I would never touch religious or time stamped stuff like the FRA of 98 ---- or was it 97.

I'm no longer anywhere close to 95 and I'm a "white man" last time I checked.

"Keep up the good work, do what you gotta do and one way or the other it'll work out." Who wrote that, and if you guess I'll pay your CCA dues for a year.

The NCDMF wrote this though, keep it handy.


Look, I just came 'cause Ken kept calling somebody else me, I swear, if y'all will leave me out of it, I'll just read, I swear on a stack of ---- nevermind!

I'll still support HB353, but I will only comment if provoked or called out 'cause I enjoy it, but I'll sacrafice for y'all.

Honetly, I'm miising a "whte mens" club meeting now (the "wealthy" crowd meets on Wed evenings), gotta go, but do give my offer some thought, I'm good either way.

Stay tough, Jake, I'm not picking on you, I swear!

Good fishing!!!

jamie reibel

C. W. Gibson wrote about money and thoughtless legislation to a Texas senate committee in 1931. Mr. Gibson was a fisherman about to lose everything he had, so that others may recreate. HB 353

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