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April 23, 2011


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Rick Caton

And the spin gets even better

Chuck Laughridge

Nice try Ken, but the CCA of NC has had nothing to do with SB571, you know that and pretty much everybody that knows you knows that.

Like I have said before, you might not have invented telling lies, but you have, by God, perfected it about as good as anybody living today, including Obama.

Thanks again for opposing HB353, CCANC could not hire a lobbyist to do what you're doing for free!!!

You my friend are like a Christmas present in April, keep up the good work.

Good Fishing!!!


Dang Chuck, for somebody who is suppossed to be so smart, you sure takes things hard when caught withcha' briches down.

Really don't think there is a person alive who is aware of the shannagens your fellas pull that doesn't feel your just trying to whezzle out of another lie.

After all, stealing fish from other people is exactly what you fellas are all about.

So what the fuss.

Chuck Laughridge

Thanks again Ken for being the "poster boy" for HB353!

Your work with this bill and with the MFC will go a long way towards bringing change to NC fishereis --- keep up the good work and always be advised as to where my brithches may be!!!

Good Fishing!!!

Chuck Laughridge

Here's a little response to the "alliance's" position on a free market economy from the Carteret News Times, so please enlighten us all Ken.

Sounds kinda like a group that "wants it all" and has already made an ALLOCATION of a public resource to one group without even using the MFC to do it for you!!!

Poor retired clammer wrote on Apr 25, 2011 8:12 PM:

" You know Mr. Seigler; you sit there on your high thrown casting accusations at everyone except your seafood alliance. You claim that you support everyones right to fish; and that you are a champion of the poor and disadvantaged.
Perhaps you would like to explain to this audience how you and your seafood allaince cornered the market on shellfish last year? That's right! You put the poor retired clammers out in the cold as most of the shellfish dealers in this area would not buy clams from anyone that was not a member of your Alliance all summer long and into the fall!
As a matter of fact; I tried to sell my clams at many of the fish houses last year; and they suggested; "if you're not a member of the Seafood Alliance we can't buy your clams!"
In fact; and this goes to your BS comments about the poor and disadvantaged; the clams from your Alliance were being bought for 2 to 3 cents more per clam than I would have sold mine for! That's right! So much for your claims of supplying affordable seafood to the public!
What did you guys do? Get together and threaten to not supply these fish houses with any seafood unless they bought specifically from Alliance members? Talk about putting poor hard working honest elders out of work!
You seem to be so blinded by your own opinion that you fail to see the sarcasm and irony in others posts. Even you answer to Doris Day's post went way over your head! DORIS DAY: ROCK HUDSON? Now that's a real reason for LOL! Then you even try to respond to this chiding;
1) To estimate seasonal and annual rates of legal sized spotted sea trout (>12" or 30.5 centimeters TL); there currently is no keeper size speckled trout in North Carolina. The fishery is closed!
Your question regarding how many speckled trout were killed by recreational anglers "sitting at the jetty" is even dumber! First of all; if you ever did any jetty fishing you would know that sitting is not an often pleasure. Next I would ask; why are you posing this question when you already stated the numbers? Or were those numbers stated by you 785,639 as bogus as your PONZI scheme trying to discredit everyone else but your members?
Go take a cold shower; and maybe then you could start figuring out how your ALLIANCE can eliminate more competition from non members"

Thanks again Ken for doing all you're doing.

Good Fishing!!!


Its a free enterprise open market system of commerce in which the public gets a share of resources by choice, the complete opposite of your communist system in which resources are sequestered for use by individuals and accessed by only those individuals who possess financial ability to gain access to said resources.

You are certainly welcome to join the party, all that is required is show up at any NCDMF office and apply for any license you desire.

Chuck Laughridge

Thanks Ken for the above post, especially the last few lines!!!

Just as I'm free to head on over the the NCDMF and "apply for any license" I desire, you too are able to head on over to a tackle shop or even the closest WalMart to Hubert and obtain a fishing license and fish recreationally for any species.

From what the poster on the CNT reported, your seafood alliance folks were limiting his ability to make a living, or at least that how I read it and so did the folks on the CNT.

So don't tell me about a "free enterprise", tell the retired clammer that called you out!

You use "terrorist", "communist", "ethnic cleansing", "rich white folks", and other endearing terms so easily --- whose britches are down now, buddyroe??? While they're down, take a look around, might surprise you as to what you find.

Again, I and countless others thank you for showing folks the light on "how you and your like roll"!

After gamefish is passed I may well sign you up as a Life Member of CCA, that would give you and Bill something to really talk about at the meetings!LOLs

Keep up the good work, my friend, keep up the good work!

Good Fishing!!!

Jay Styron

As with most issues marine related it seems the final decisions always favor one group to the exclusion of another or many. It is always touted as "being done for the sake of the resource". Personally I'm tired of the rhetoric. I have and do commercial fish, I have and do recreational fish. I make my living off of neither. To really make this fair to ALL parties why not make these species off limits to EVERYONE until such time the population is fishable by EVERYONE, since that's the issue that being presented, right? Put up or shut up. Oh, and the oped by the poor clammer,either the person was coached quite a bit or the editorial staff did a wonderful job. Just my 2cts.


Your jest that I may very well be able to go to Wally world buy me a fishing rod and license is true Chuck, but you have repeated failed to answer my question, "How will the citizens who cannot afford to do so, or prefer to purchase their fish in markets do so ?

So give us a synopsis of that distribution system so that all citizens may enjoy the benefits and pleasures you seek to sequester for yourself and your bud's Chuck.

Chuck Laughridge

Oh Ken, the fine folks of NC will have 98% of the total commercial landings to eat along with farm raised (imported and American that includes stripers and red drum), and some of those "trout" from South America sold outta Wanchese I heard are right tasty.

So there will not in any way, shape, form or fashion be any more of a shortage of seafood for the public in NC anymore than there is in every state from Texas to SC.

Now if I were you, I'd start using words like "terrorists", "ethnic cleansing" and "communist" in the correct place, not in a description of fisheries management, 'cause buddyroe, you used "communist" on the WRONG MAN when you used it on Poor Retired Clammer. Here's his response to you and the NC Seafood Alliance, whatever it is, union/co-op/loosely knit group of like minded folks like you)!

Poor Retired Clammer wrote on Apr 26, 2011 1:22 PM:

" Hey; let me make something perfectly clear MR SIEGLER. I fought against communism in the Mekong Delta; outside of Pleku along Rt's 19 and 14; and also into the Fish Hook in Cambodia! So don't you ever dare refer to me or anything about me as being communist! If any entity here might be communist; that label might fit squarly upon you and your Alliance. Next you'll be telling everyone that the Fish Hook in Cambodia is responsible for all the fish mortality here! I don't know how old you are; but clearly you may have a long way to go before your behavior reaches your age!
You and your alliance UNION have fasioned yourselves as a public entity. I am not. So be careful what you say. It may come back to haunt you! "

Whoever you are PRC, thanks for your service and please let us know if Ken answers your question on why the NC Seafood Alliance wants all folks to buy seafood but wants to make you become a member (union?) before member dealers will buy from you!!!

Thanks again Ken for just being you, I hope the comms still like you after this is all over, I know I will owe you a beer and a pat on the back!

Good Fishing!!!


PRC, severed myself, honorable discharge 11/02/72, and so did a lot of other people. Came home and began earning my family a living as a fishermen. Now someone is trying to steal my living, I think I have every right to stop that from occurring, but I do not think you or anyone else has a right to take the fish out of my pocket and give it to someone else.

But perhaps you are correct I should of said, "Its a free enterprise open market system of commerce in which the public gets a share of resources by choice, the complete opposite of CCA's communist system in which resources are sequestered for use by individuals and accessed by only those individuals who possess financial ability to gain access to said resources.

And just for you information, I am an independent business man who catches and sells his own products only. Don't ship any of my products as they are all sold locally. So the money I earn goes the community were I live many times.

I also feel that when an organization professes to conservation, their actions policys shouldn't have anything to do with money, unfortunetly it is the money argument that is being used for HB353 and not the fish.

States top bio has stated there is no biological justification for this bill.

Chuck Laughridge

The CCA has said repeatedly there is no biological reason for gamefish, but just like the state's top biologist has said, there is no biological reason not to make em gamefish either!!!

This is about economics Ken, plain and simple.

Your whole argument is jobs or in your case, mostly your job ---- don't get me wrong but jobs are part of NC's economy.

The MFC managed our fisheries for decades based on the economic needs of fish house owners and now the CCA is chastised by you for introducing a bill in Commerce that focuses on the allocation for the best economic use to benefit the entire state???

We'll do management by biology when the comm friendly MFC does, the CCA has begged for it for over 2 decades, and til then we'll take our chances on economics just like you have.

Now, is the NC Seafood Alliance a union/co-op, why can't Poor Retired Clammer sell his clams to dealers that demand he become a member of the alliance??? Sounds like a union shop to me, so enlighten me as to what it actually is.

Thanks for your service to the country and thanks again for helping out with Hb353 every chance you get!!!

Good Fishing!!!


Got to call ya' on that one Chuck. Give a link to the quote or perhaps he would like to come on board and explain that you have put words in his mouth he didn't say.

The CCA has said repeatedly there is no biological reason for gamefish, but just like the state's top biologist has said, "there is no biological reason not to make em gamefish either"!!!

Chuck Laughridge

I really wish I could agree with you Ken, but if I did we'd both be wrong ---- as it is now, only you are!

Heading to Raleigh today to try and straighten out your mess.

Thanks again for all you do to make HB353 the law of the land.

Good Fishing!!!


Thanks for the heads up Chuck.

So glad to here there has been an effect and atleast a few Reps are now seeing the truth.


Gotta believe I have been swayed to contact my representative and urge a vote to approve game fish status thanks to Mr. Kenneth Seigler's efforts. Thanks Ken!

Now next project is to find a web link or web address or e-mail address for the NC Seafood Alliance. I would like to learn more about this important organization and maybe make a donation. Anybody out there can help with information about the NC Seafood Alliance??

Chuck Laughridge

We'd all like to hear more about Ken's union but there is no info on the WWW???

Ken, as far as a "link" to a quote by the director, I even called and spoke to him twice yesterday to confirm what he said and did not say.

Feel free to contact him and ask, he's easy to get in touch with and has a much greater tolerance for folks like you than I do, so he'll probably give you way more time than you deserve.

Thanks again for all you're doing to hepl pass HB353 and for bringing unions to NC to assist the poor pay more for seafood!!!

Keep up the good work, buddyroe!

Good Fishing!!!


Chuck, and in your conversation with him please give us a rough draft of what the director said with respect to gamefish designations.

And please avoid inserting verbage to bend the facts.

Chuck Laughridge

Ken, why don't you call him, drop by, tell him I said hello and ask him for yourself and others.

Gamefish is not now nor has it ever been a "biological" issue. This is an allocation and economic issue, so argue those issues, please as they are the issues being debated where it really counts.

You and anyone else trying to make it one by using the director over at NCDMF to justify your position are selfless people with no real raising whatsoever.

Trust me, the director is caught between a rock and a hard place quite enough with this economy, the budget, and the turtle & sturgeon stuff without having to deal with the likes of you.

Email or stop by and see some legislators and tell the truth as you know it, that alone should keep them laughing for a few days, and after working on the budget they could probably use a good chuckle.

Tell them Chuck said hello too!

Thanks again for converting folks with your wit and wisdom, especially those that haven't seen you in action at MFC meetings.

Only a man with total disregard for the truth could accomplish as much as you have in this short of a time to benefit HB353.

Thanks again!!!

Good Fishing!!!


February 20, 2002
Swissotel Washington, The Watergate
Washington, DC

"there's not going to be any benefit ever to closing the fishery down in North Carolina because it is a bycatch fishery. All a closure would do is simply result in discard mortality."

"If we close it down, you're just going to continue to have that same
incidental catch, and there's going to bycatch discard mortality."

See Chuck, economics is your smoke screen. I don't need to call Louis cause I already know what has been said, and from that it is abundantly clear the only intent of HB 353 is to create those discards to further your arguement of a net ban, same as it has always been.

Now be sure he can play and pander to politicians if he wishes, but he also has a uncanny ability for truth when it comes to the job he was hired to do, manage fisheries and not user groups.

You may wish to also consider, “There is no biological evidence that declaring red drum and spotted sea trout game fish will achieve sustainable harvest.”


Chuck Laughridge

Finish all those partial quotes Ken, a lie by omission seems to as fine as an outright lie to you, so carry on.

Hades may well freeze over today as I do agree that the director's job is to manage fish, not user groups and he can do that whether they are gamefish or the special of the day provided by the fine union folks over at the NC Seafood Alliance.

Pretty sure that Louis would take "play and pander to politicians" just as much as Poor Retired Clammer took being called a "communist", but keep laying it out there and see how it works for you!

Keep up the good work Ken!

Good Fishing!!!


You must be taking a long knap from you excursion to Raleigh, but you didn't exactly say how well it worked out.

From the 39 Rep's I have heard from, 2 of which are co-sponsors, would have to say not too well from what I am reading.

Just exactly who will benefit from the conservation organization that has now turned against resources in desires of sequestering resources, very foolish step from what the majority of citizens see.

Now that you make an economic argument, how will you ever regain itegrity of being for the resource and about the fish Chuck?

Chuck Laughridge

I had a blast and hear the vote count is just fine.

Ken have you ever told a lie any better than the ones you've posted over the last couple of months???

Thanks for the good work on HB353, I appreciate all you're doing to help it pass.

Good fishing!!!


So, anybody have any information about the NC Seafood Alliance?? Does it exist? In this day and age an organization with a President for a spokesman and claims of having submitted a 10,000 signature petition to the legislature should have a web page and an e-mail address. Perhaps a POBox or telephone number??

How about a Vice-President?.... anything?? anybody Know? Mr.Ken please feel free to answer.

Thank you.


Read all the Numbers....
Slowly and in Order!!
Be Careful not to MISS ANY

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

Tommorrow I will send you
the ABC's


Dear Mr. President AKA Kenneth Seigler of Bear Creek NC.

Please do clarify your response to the request for information about the N.C. Seafood Alliance.

Does it exist in any form beyond your imagination?

Is there a Vice President? If so, how do we contact the Vice President?

Does the N.C. Seafood Alliance have a telephone? What is the number?

What is the web address and e-mail address of the N.C. Seafood Alliance?

My Representative at the legislature in Raleigh has no current record of your 10,000 signature petition. How do we get a copy? Why don't you just post it on your website.

If I send you a donation for your good work on behalf of the N.C. Seafood Alliance what percentage goes to the Alliance and what percentage do you donate to other good causes?

What is the mission statement of the N.C. Seafood Alliance?

Thank you.

Chuck Laughridge

Soon the legislature will send you gamefish!

Thanks again for doing all you're doing and thank God you're back. There for a while I thought I was gonna have to debate that crowd on the other post!!!

Good Fishing!!!

Chuck Laughridge

Deployed, Ken has almost 10,000 user names and passwords from the various websites he has (key word, HAS) been on over the years, so I doubt coming up with 10,000 names is tough for him. LOLs

Now turning those names into real people that actually know what the NC Seafood Alliance actually is might be a bit different.

Legitimate questions buddyroe (one of his names), why not answer the man and clear it up --- even Obama showed his birth certificate, so have your association/union do the same!!!

Good Fishing!!!


Deployed, In so much as we all know who Chuck is, and Chuck knows exactly who we are, unfortunately no-one has any idea who you are sir, or where are you located? Posting and including your full name, with current mailing address will provide ability to send your membership application right out.
Once your application is returned in self addressed envelope and approved you will have access to pertinent information you desire.
With respect to the document you reference, it is in fact a public document recorded in the Clerk of the House of Representatives in two installments. Please feel free to access that information through the clerk’s office, as knowledge of retention and specific location within those archives would be your best opportunity in acquiring a copy of the original signatures on the petition. As the House Subcommittee hearing on HB 918 took place on May 13, 2009, this may be the best area in time in which to focus your search request.
Good luck, God Speed, and we pray all return safely.

Chuck Laughridge

My God man, the fellow is deployed, his user name is Deployed which would mean he's probably not real close to getting to the Clerks up in Raleigh, come on Ken, just tell him him and PRC what the NC Seafood Alliance really is!

So the "alliance" is some kinda secret society that nobody knows about til they join or can't sell their seafood, right???

Heck, I'd like to know and you already said everybody knows me, of course you didn't and your idiotic posts trying to tie me to some guy posting a fly this or fly that changed my lurking habits. So if I ruffle any feathers, it is all Ken's fault, I swear!!!

Good Fishing!!!


Chuck, try taking the tin foil cap off, it really does make you look silly.


Deployed, many state official records are available on line, you may be to access those files through a search, try using this link.


And this one may also be helpful.

http://www.ncleg.net/gascripts/DocumentSites/browseDocSite.asp?nID=9&sFolderName=\2009-2010 Session\Audio Archives\2009


Dear Kenneth, Thank you for your cryptic invitation to join but it might be much more convenient for you to post your application on your website or your vice presidents web site or at least provide a copy to the Tideland News Editor or the Topsail paper or maybe just post a copy of the mission statement and bylaws of the Alliance right here on this journal.

Also, thank you for the nifty links above but given that you are the President I imagine that you could just post complete information right here for all to see. Don't be shy Mr. President as I know you are experienced speaking on behalf of the N.C. Seafood Alliance this should be a piece of cake. Thank you.


Deployed, on these message boards I speak as myself only as my comments are my opinion, which every person is entitled to whether you agree or disagree.

When there is a request by members to express an opinion on their behalf, I have will continue to do so.

The views of NCSA are their views expressed and are as yet another opinion, and again, you are certainly welcome to agree or disagree.

For instance is I say, "If you think CCA is synonomous with the term conservation, then Mujahedeen is a neighbor watch group in comparison.

It is my comparative opinion to which you may or maynot agree. If you repeat the statement to someone else, it becomes your opinion.

So by all means you certainly have a right to your opinion as I have a right to my opinion, but neither is expressly obligated to anything.

Keep safe, and hope you have a nice day.



Kenneth or Mr. President. I must say you are more fun than a Marine shooting pool on an Army base.

Or as another previous president said, All Hat, No Cattle. . . or my fishing family at home might say fellow always forgets to pick up the ice.....

Not really trying to pick a fight, just get a few facts. You speak on behalf of the N.C. Seafood Alliance as President. Please present, in your opinion if you like, your opinion of the web site address for the N.C. Seafood Alliance, or your opinion of their mail address so one could apply with a self address envelope or maybe a telephone number or better yet a Vice President's name and e-mail, mission statement or anything to show you got ice on your boat.


Deployed, here is the link:


When you get to that page you can go straight to Hellen Hunt for it.


Deployed, maybe you should go pick your fight with CCA, because there the ones trying to steal the liberty and freedom you are fighting to maintain for everyone.

Have a nice day Chuck.

Chuck Laughridge

Ken, I am not Deployed any more than I was the last poster you thought I was, but your behavior on here is border line at best and just plain ignorant.

Any comparison of any American association, the CCA, the NCFA, even your association/union with the Mujahideen is insulting to decent people on both sides of the debate, especially when servicemen are involved (a nice freaking word for AT WAR) as I write.

You my friend have dropped off the edge into the deep end and are scurrilous at best. How do you live with yourself after those last posts!

I do thank you for letting everyone know why you have been shown the door on so many websites.

Good Fishing!!!


Chuck I have known you to be deployed for quite some time, but never actually thought your lunacy would lead to that of stealing fish from poor people.

So please explain for everyone how the people who will loose access in markets to the three wildcaught fish, stolen by HB 353, will get thier fish.

And please tell us more about how there will no ill effects on fishermen who will no longer be able to harvest these fish.


Chuck Laughridge

Talk to yourself old man, you have got to be the only person that can tolerate you poor judgement, incessant lies, and boorish behavior towards someone who appears to be on active duty.

If making the last post on this topic makes the winner, you and Charlie will go out "winners".

Start another one and I'll be there along with other folks combating the same lies you love so well.

Thanks again, for the last time on this one, for helping folks see the light on passing HB353.

Deployed, you're on your own with Ken, and as far as I'm concerned he owes you an apology, the rest of us just owe your our thanks and support!

Good Fishing!!!


Chuck you have consistently failed to answer the single question ask of you for weeks now.

You have offered up they may eat frozen imported from question sources, farm raised stripers, and even let them eat cake. So again I ask you the same unanswered question.

How will the people who do not live on the coast, can't afford to take time from work or family and really on fresh markets, get their fair share of the wild caught fish?


Why don't you provide data that shows all those people that would be deprived? Yep, that's right...it doesn't exist. FYI, total population for NC doesn't count as we all know not everyone cares about wild caught. Ok, to be fair... how about provide ANY restaraunt w/ drum/specs/rock? Ok, that didn't work... how about fish markets? Give us something/anything to support your claims. There are many of us that can easily cruise thru the data... feel free to continue providing any data you feel supports your cause. Just don't keep sending us to another of your rants w/o any relation to the topic at hand. I'm still enjoying the FMP read that your are a part of. Thank you immensely for a great read where I am very sure I can decipher your involvement! Again, the primary topic is VOLUNTARILY. While there are many on the rec side that will do everything we can to reduce bycatch/mortality... required or not, the commercial side has ample documentation in the FMP that nothing happens voluntarily if it even remotely affects the bottom line. I'm doing my part... what are you willing to do? From everything I read in the FMP, I would suspect the wording "would add burden to the commercial industry" and "would reduce catch of the target species" pretty much summed up your true purpose on the panel, even though this position when read with the related section data is questionable at best. Considering the miniscule portion of the commercial industry that HB353 would effect, do you really believe the scenarios you are basing your position on? Good luck w/ that.

Well, back to the FMP... lot's of great data that highlights your true colors.

Thanks again!

For anyone interested, just google NC FMP Red Drum, Section 10, as Ken kindly asked me to read, provides a wealth of info.

Have a great weekend!


Whether those fish are in markets or restaraunts is dependant on:

1)considering only 194,296 of the 250,000 red drum were harvested last year, markets and the public were shorted from the get go by 60,000. About the same on stripers, and recs. pretty much had the specs caught up before comms. even started fishing for them.
2)so how many are available is a major factor as those fish are general snapped up by consumers as quick as they hit the ice.
3)being in such short supply, it is not always prudent venture for a restaraunt to place them on the regular menu.
4)it is possible for the rest. owner to place a specail order into the market for the fish, and occasional they will be featured as a short term menu special.
5)unfortunetly this results in an additional shortage for markets of supply for the walk in consumer.
6)many times the rest. owner must endure harrasment, threats, intemidation, coersion, boycots and other degenerative assaults on his business, by special interest groups such as CCA. therefore, to avoid loosing customers and business the owner is forced to bow to the blackmale tactics because he does have to stay in business and earn a living.


I wouldn't exactly call the circle hook a voluntary accepted act within that FMP process. So as you read closely, in order to avoid adult red drum fishing mortality use of circle hooks was required 24/7 during spawning season.
now just who do you think it was who had that watered down to cirlce hooks only at night, like adult drum don't bite hooks during the day?
guess you can also say some recs are concerned about what goes in their pockets too because a certain guide might miss a hook-up on a tarpon.
in as much you and your compadras are the source of "the miniscule portion" in a war of deprevation to economically smother and starve small business out of existence, yes not only do I believe the scenarios proposed, I know them to be a fact, because there is absolutely nothing wrong with reds stripers, or specs. that a recreational cap on harvest wouldn't cure.


Just a note that might be of interest to those that are serious about a valid discussion over legitimate concerns. A neighbor from Swansboro NC that I know with a family that has members that manufacture commercial fishing gear, members with commercial fishing licenses in more than one jurisdiction and a host of recreational fishers in the family has been following some blogs and reading the coastal newspapers. He got curious and wrote to the very well known and long established South Carolina (SC) Seafood Alliance and asked if they had knowledge of a N.C. Seafood Alliance that Mr. Ken purports to be the President as he speaks on behalf according to the newspaper articles and letters to the editor.

My neighbor sent to me the response from the SC seafood alliance and they were quite clear in stating that they knew of no such organization as NC seafood alliance, no as in none. I thought I would share the message but then thought perhaps it better that you can google the SC organization, easy to find, great web site, professionally done, send them your own inquiry and get your own answer.


Mr. Deployed, as long as you continue to hide behind a mask concealing your identity, unfortunetly I will not be able to assist you irrespective of what concerns you may have.

Posting the required information of your full name and address will result in the mailing of membership form you requested.

Upon return of the completed form and upon approval you may have to access whatever information the board and membership approves.

Again, by chance you cannot or will not comply and fullfill the requirements as needed, there is no possible I can assit you.

As you state "Just a note that might be of interest to those that are serious about a valid discussion over legitimate concerns."

I might add there are forms of fraud that exist in real time and not just on the www.



you are spooky.

Send my forms to the outerbanks sentinal and I will have someone pick them up for me, or, closer for you and more convenient, just drop the paperwork off at the Tideland News Newspaper office on Hwy 24 in Swansboro. Thank you.


I'll accept that as a compliment.

As there are two engagements which require my presents on Monday, and fishing does consume a good portion of my time, I will see to fullfilment of you request ASAP.



Gee Kenneth, I am sorry, but I never asked for the password or will my magic decoder ring be the key? If the forms are in a plain brown wrapper how will they know who they are for?


Maybe if you borrow Chucks tin foil cap and tap your magic decorder ring three times on the top of the cap, a genie pots out of the plain brown wragger that has "deployed" written on it, fill the form out thats inside the plain brown wrapper, return the form in the envelope provided, then you will have it covered, right?


FYI Ken,
None of the questions asked of you are fraud... you put the NCSA out there on a public forum as defending the rights of the poor and neglected in this debate about HB353 to oppose the evil elite. By doing so, those of us who have sincere questions regarding your involvement and the mission statement of NCSA have every right to request proof. If you choose not to provide any, that is 100% your business. But also keep in mind, the information in previous discussions tends to show that your alliance is working to prohibit independent commercial operations that are not part of the NCSA, and allowing your group to sell resources at a higher price to those you supposedly are defending based on your great internet track record. It is a very simple question... are dues involved in your alliance? I'm thinking the brown wrapper might be appropriate for all the official NCSA membership documents... it's about the same color, but unfortunately it doesn't hide the smell.


all you guys "S.T.F.UP"!!!!!!!!!!


Chuck, we all know your pockets are fairly deep. How much are you going to pay me to feed my children imported fish? China has exploding watermelons.... I can only imagine what other issues they are having. LOL!!!!

William Spence

Its clear to see why our county is where it is today! ENOUGH SAID

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