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March 23, 2011


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Bill Hitchcock

The economic importance of North Carolina seafood is best described by the General Assembly itself in House Bill 1709:
Whereas, the General Assembly recognizes that there is strong consumer demand for the North Carolina seafood made available by these diverse fisheries; and Whereas, the General Assembly recognizes that commercial fishermen perform an essential function by harvesting North Carolina seafood for the citizens of the State and visitors
to the State; and Whereas, the General Assembly recognizes the importance of providing plentiful, high-quality North Carolina seafood to maintain and enhance tourism as a major contributor tothe economy of the State;"

The purpose of House Bill 1709, "...promote the increased purchase and consumption of North Carolina seafood.

The Gamefish Bill runs contray to the stated goals of the North Carolina General Assembly. Say YES to Seafood and NO to Gamefish

nags head waterman

finally some intelligent people sharing their thoughts and looking for the good of the entire state fisherman,retailers,tourist,wholesalers in short gainful employment!!! in a country consumed by economic diaster why would the state government want to pass a bill that would only raise our unemployment rates beyond the already off the charts numbers we are seeing in todays blue collar workforce. thanks to all who oppose the hb353 and stand up for our god given right to simply go to work and provide for our families.

glen Montgomery

Looks like the CCA is trying to bring back some old customs that were once commonly praticed in England. Interesting read just the same.

The plague of 1348 killed a third of the population in England. It followed hard on
the first decades of the little ice age, the decline of feudalism, and the advent of the cash
economy. Many of the serfs who had been forced off the land and into cities chose to return
to lives of farming and subsistent hunting and fishing in the largely empty countryside.
Qualification statutes were quickly imposed that prevented people who needed fish and
game as food from taking them. Hunting was reserved for the ruling class, specifically to
prevent peasants from returning to a subsistent lifestyle in a rural England with no fences,
few defined land holdings, and a greatly diminished population. In the new England of
the late Middle Ages, commoners’ labor was needed for mills and farms. The Statute of
Laborers (1351) required commoners to work. They were not allowed to fish or hunt for
their food: “None shall hunt but which have sufficient living” (Lund, 1980, p. 8, 22). One
of the demands of the Peasants Revolt of 1381 was the return of the right to fish in the River
Ver (Herd, 2003).
About one hundred years later,Wynkyn deWorde, the publisher of the Treatyse, wrote
that the little work on fishing was published with the text on heraldry and falconry to
keep it out of the hands of “every idle person who would desire it” (McDonald, 1963).
When viewed against the historical background of depopulation and hardships and the
subsequent imposition of the qualification statutes for the taking of fish and game, these
early references to releasing fish and conservative harvest may well represent the origin of
the idea that releasing a portion of one’s catch was the mark of a gentleman.

Ray Massengill

Great post Glen,I was at the fish house for about 45 min.yesterday and 7 people came in wanting specks,and the fish house didnt have any.They had tuna,grouper,flounder,mullets,shrimp ect.but they wanted trout,so they left without buying anything.

Ray Massengill

I know the grouper season is closed,the stuff they had was the imported sheet.They also had some dolphin and a few spots,but all 7 customers wanted trout.

larry clayton

mr. messengill probably did not see any sprem whale, spotted owl or buffalo in the fish house either. support bill 353 before trout, drum, and stripers end up in the same boat

Chuck Laughridge

There's no way I can debate y'all, the combination of sharp minds is just to over powering to attack from any angle.

My Lord, honey, Montgomery, Hitchcock, Pam Morris, Capt Ray and Seigler has got to be on the way at a fast jog!!!

Run Larry, run, even I know my limitations and there is no way to win on this one, trust me.

There ain't been a crew gathered like this since One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest!!!

Thanks for the help boys, if buddyroe wasn't enough, this should push it over the edge!!!

Good Fishing!!!

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