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March 22, 2011


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Britton Shackelford

My name is Britton Shackelford, and I am proud to represent the North Carolina Watermen United membership as president. Please educate yourself before you make any accusations, or claims, about what gamfish status will mean for charter/headboats. Read the blue book definition of for-hire, and read the bill. Call all of the committee members who heard the bill, and ask them how they interpret the reading of the bill. My orgainization was founded on a few simple truths, and these truths are ones we abide by. The first simple truth is that all anglers, and consumers have the right to the highest quality, most regulated protein source in the world...... wild-caught fish. Recreational, charter, and commercial anglers are all vitally important to our coastal communities, our state, our nation, and our world. The consumers who come to this state to eat our local seafood are also vitally important. Read the Economic Impact Study that was completed on the charter/headboat industry in our state. This EIS contains a wealth of information about the importance of fishermen of all stripes to this state. Also read Robert Fritchey's book "Wetland Riders", and educate yourself about the lie that is the CCA. What a deceiving misnomer. There is absolutely nothing "conservation" about the CCA. This pack of liars should be named the Coastal Allocation Association, because allocation is all they stand for. Sorry, CCA, I don't think the leadership in Raleigh is willing to sell our jobs, and taxes down the river for your whim. Destroying jobs, families, and communities is not what this past election is about. Go to www.ncwu.net for truth, and go catch some fish. "Shack"

Chuck Laughridge

One man's truth is often an-other's lie, and my friend you have proven that beyond a shadow of doubt.

Once your organization started telling fellow guides and charter captains that HB353 would prohibit the clients of guides and charter boats from keeping a recreational limit of specks, rockfish, and red drum, y'all lost all credibility.

Never mistake the current legislature as stupid or construe them as the same one controlled for almost two decades by Sen. Basnight, that era is over.

For a man that worked for Capt Rick Caton, one would have thought that "telling it like it is" would have sunk a tid deeper into you --- guess not.

And Ken, this is Chuck, I have no idea who the other poster is that you conversed with for a while as me!

Good Fishing!!!

Chuck Laughridge

Just as a quick side bar, Capt Shackleford, one of your members was told the bill wouldn't prohibit the taking of those rec limits by charter clients during a cell phone conversation from my vehicle, and trust me, the person in my Suburban should know what he's talking about!

Good Fishing!!!

Kenneth Seigler

I have said it before and repeat those “facts” for you now.

If CCA is synonymous with the term conservation then, the Mujahideen is a neighborhood watch group.

The only intent of this group of social economic terorist is, to rip and tear at the social fabric of communities, dividing citizens into camps and proceed to take every single fish from the common man under a guise of conservation by calling them gamefish.

In Florida right now, there is a move by CCA to designate the Permit fish as a gamefish. Reason, dive fishermen are taking the fish with spears, proof positive that when CCA is done with commercial fishermen, they will turn on anyone taking “their” fish.

Chuck Laughridge

The MFC and the NCFA will ultimately put more commercial fishermen out of work than CCA, CFRG, the turtle folks, the sturgeon folks, and the bird folks combined, and that my friend is a shame, just a plain shame.

Good Fishing!!!

Kenneth Seigler

You need to go ahead with hiring a midget to bring your ice tea, and take an early retirement.

I'll continue assessing my retirement by listening to the likes of MFC and NCFA.

Got no deck space available for retired CCA midgets either.

nags head waterman

@chuck: i was just wondering how you can say the ncwu has lost all credibility for "telling it like it is" the fact is under the proposed bill gamefish designation no one will be allowed to keep a single fish on a for hire vessel. also looking to guys like Rick Caton for moral lessons is nothing short of comedy. i have never seen someone flip flop between issues to benifit themselves more than Rick Caton. a true in every sense of the word hipocrite. one more question for you. please answer if you have the ability-how is it you guys are so worried about the news that no one will be able to keep a single fish under this hb353 is getting out to the public? is it because you feel the bill might lose some support from the charter/guide business owners? rather strange how you guys feel so strong about this to accually call Britton a liar as well as degrade the NCWU. does anyone know what flyguy does for a living? he is also very outspoken on the matter sounds like the "all for the wealthy white men" is pretty accurate.

Chuck Laughridge

I got no idea who "fly guy", but it ain't me, take it or leave it.

On Cato, I've fished with him and argued with him and never had one problem knowing where he stood on an issue.

As far as HB353 prohibiting charterboat/guide clients taking a recreational limit of gamefish, in this instance, stripers/red drum/specks, it just ain't so. Capt Jamie Reible was told that not long ago by a passenger in my Suburban on beautiful Sunday morning. To further tell folks any different is lying for an agenda and that can happen anytime a contentious issue like this goes to Raleigh --- but it don't make it right. But if that is the way the NCWU wants to fight HB353, roll with it (those last 3 words may strike a nerve with Capt Jamie)!

As far as Capt Shackleford, having seen him at several MFC meetings, he can certainly hold his own with anyone, Hell, he's doing a good job now and he's wrong! Sorry, no emoticons or I would have popped in a smiley on you.

I support HB353, I supported 2010-13, I supported the FRA97 and still do to a degree --- I do not support the way the MFC has mismanaged our fisheries and will not, but y'all do what you want.

The truth and the will of all the people in NC will prevail since we are no longer under the Gospel According to Marc!

Here endeth the lesson!

Good fishing!!!


So were are now to believe the Gospel according to Chuck ? LOL

To hear you tell it Chuck everything everywhere should be C&R, so whats the problem with no-one keeping a bag limit and having a real game fish.

From the two Reps. I ust spoke to on the C&J committee, that is exactly what you are about to get.

So have fun knowing you may very have contributed to every citizen getting the shaft.

Here bengineth the lesson!

jamie reibel

hey chuck, jamie reibel here, thank you for all your help with my family in the past. i still consider you and louis as my friends. in speaking with half the members of the commerce and job developement subcommittee on business and labor, the subject of game fish status for drum and rock in the eez would come up. no one can possess either one in the eez. i would ask, if game fish status is achieved in nc, that would mean that no one could keep a species designated that. the elected offical would then say, oh you can keep them, just not sell them. we just don't want anybody profitting from them. then i read section b # 3 to them, THEY MAY NOT BE POSSESSED FOR THE PURPOSE OF PURCHASE, SALE, BARTER, EXCHANGE, OR FOR TRANSPORT OR SHIPMENT IN COMMERCE WITHIN THE STATE OR FOR EXPORT FROM THE STATE. then i would say that i guess that charter boats and guides can't keep them either, they would be proffitting from a game fish. most agreed, the others said it would have to be changed. louis is not a judge or an elected lawmaker, he said that he thought that the intent of the law was not to outlaw ch/boats and guides from the resource. that is his opinion. if louis is correct, the lawmakers will rewrite the bill and allocate the resource to WEALTHY WHITE MEN.
jamie reibel


Author posted: "ALL people have the right to decide what they eat."

You mean all people except recs who want to catch their own in regards to speckled trout and 14" flounder?

So who has them all to themselves in this case?



And just who was it that went over their quota on flounder ?

Oh, almost forgot yes it was those recs. stabbin' up all them dabs wasn't it now?

So go blame your own guys for that mistake flyguy.

Chuck Laughridge

Take care on your end too Jamie, hope all is well.

There is no precednet to ever lead anyone to believe for one minute that NC statutes would be different on the keeping of legal rec limits of gamefish by clients of guides or charterboats since it is already done on NC's inland waters and the statutes are almost identical.

No arguement from me anymore on this issue, like y'all were told, if this is the way you want to approach it ---- "roll with it".

Dear Lord, what I'd give to be a "wealthy white man". There's the argument, just the same as "heritage" jobs ---- it is economic, pure and simple. I wish it wasn't and I wish McKeon's "science, science, science" had been used decades ago but it wasn't.

Good Fishing!!!


There's a rec quota on flounder? That's a new one.

Comms catch 89% of all the flounder and you blame recs?

No wonder Chuck gave you the boot on NCW. Having to wade through your nonsensical bovine fecal matter is a waste of cerebral capacity. Jesus Christ would build a brick wall, and you would somehow end up arguing with it.


Just in case I am misreading this, does it not say commercial and recreational quota ?

"Had the ASMFC set the total allowable landings (TAL) at 19.9 million pounds, recreational anglers and fishing businesses dependant upon reasonable access to summer flounder would have been able to scrape by and remain in the fishery. However, ASMFC's failure to set the 2007 quota makes the likelihood of a 12.9 million-pound TAL a reality."



Maybe this will also help you figure out when the size started creeping up and why.



So lets see flyguy, recs. have alienated ASMFC, NCMFC, NCDMF, the director, accept for when he is riding in the car with Chuck of course.

Maybe you guys will also alienate the Legislature as well, with a little luck of couse.

What is puzzling for most of course, is how and why you guys figure you are always right and know whats best for everybody else, but few seem to agree with you?

Huh, bet I know what it is.
The spin is in counter rotation to the earth and thats what is throwing everything out of balance, right ?


You proved nothing. There is no recreational quota on southern flounder.

Keep digging Big Pard / CM Roe / whoever you are this week.

89% of the flounder harvest come from commercial fishing. Keep whistling past the graveyard in idiocy.

jamie reibel

chuck, it took a long time and many "comments", but we finally got here. JOINT ENFORCEMENT AUTHORITY (JEA). i am not an alarmist, just selfish at heart with a family to feed. my income comes from fishing. i am suspicious of the cca pushing a bill that does or does not include my business. next on the agenda of the cca is a bill for JEA, (suspicious again)which allows nc's marine patrol officers to enforce federal fisheries rules and regulations. we have already established the fact that fed. regs. allow no retention of game fish. so i am supposed to believe in a bill pushed by an organization (cca) whose intent is to do away with commercial fishing, and next they want JEA, a program where the state of nc accepts a federal bribe ($600,000) to enforce federal law, many of which are not good for nc. i am sure you will write and reassure me that chuck can pick and choose which fed. laws he wants mirrored, but i have little faith in the "TRUST ME, CH/BOATS CAN KEEP THEM, and WE DO WANT JEA, BUT WE WON'T ENFORCE THAT REGULATION. i may as well end with NC LAWMAKERS BESTOW RESOURCE TO WEALTHY WHITE MEN.
jamie reibel


flyguy, one thing is now a proven fact, in all your years, you have yet to attain an intelectual capacity to comprehend anything.

So, in order you too may be healed, we offer the truth and facts in flash card form, truth and facts await you, don't be afraid.



Ironic that someone like you would dare to question someone's intellectual capacity.

I'll take my eight years of college and a masters degree, and thirty years of real world professional experience over your netting and assumptions anyday.


And that means you know exactly what about nets and fish?

Heck guy, you don't even know you had a quota that limited you catch.

So now not only is your intellectual capacity in question, but your integrity as well.

You need to find a job dude.

Britton Shackelford

Let me get this straight. We have a 8year college grad., 30 year professional (rich white guy), whose argument looks like swiss cheese the more he opens his mouth. Not once has he given a correct rebuttal to any of Ken's information. Jess Hawkins would reduce you ro ribbons in about 2 seconds, flyguy. Maybe that is why Chuck can ride down the road with Loius on a beautiful Sunday morning prognosticating about the gamefish bill, and then turn around and blame the MFC for the fact that Chuck is an angry man. Then, you have Louis tell someone on Thur. night that he has been busy in Raleigh all wekk fighting the gamefish bill. I think more and more people are connecting the dots, here, as well as gaining the truth about what gamefish really means. It means, as the law is written, that charter/headboats (the state calls us for-hire0 will not be able to retain a recreational limit, b/c we are "for-hire". Read the definition in the blue book, and then read the law. I am not an 8 year college grad., and I am not a 30 year professional, but I am not stupid, as you seem to take me. I am, however, supposed to take Louis's word that he doesn't "interpret" the bill this way, and I am supposed to take Chuck's word that he will be able to pick and choose the federal law that our state is supposed to enforce. Louis is on record when the state began to be gutted by Mac Currin (CCA, very rich white guy) over snapper/grouper, and tilefish, as stating that "as long as fishermen could get back inside the 3 mile line, he wouldn't enforce federal law. All of you rich white guys need to get your heads together, so you don't keep shooting each other in the foot. Your arguments are being riddled by a bunch of hard-working folks that really don't have the time ya'll do to sit around on a computer and make yourselves look stupid. Go fishing, and quit trying to cost our communities jobs, and tax dollars. NC nneds all it can get. Shack

Chuck Laughridge

So many words used to say so little!!! LMAO

I'm just happy y'all know for a fact I ain't fly guy!

Britton, you ain't black are you??? Again LMAO

Good Fishing!!!


Were they in the front seat or back seat, and who was doing the driven?

Chuck Laughridge

Jess Hawkins, name dropper!!! LMAO again.

Jamie, expalin why NC is so much smarter than all the other states that have adopted JEA, if you're not sure, ask Basnight. Isn't NC the only coastal state to reject these funds and does the DMF not need the money???

While you're at it explain why NC is so much smarter than every state from Texas to SC??? They all, with no biological reason whatsoever, decided to allocate red drum and specks (we'll leave rockfish alone for a tid) through "gamefish status", a net ban, or both to recreational pursuits (including harvest by charter clients) in the 1980s. It is now 2011 in "different" NC.

Believe it or not, boys, I respect your position and look forward to debating it here, in Raleigh, on the docks, and I promise to do it in a civil manner using my real name, just as y'all do.

Maybe one day we can agree to what we think is proper management, as of now all we all know is we ain't getting it now and that's the biggest problem of all.

Jess Hawkins, please!!! LOLs

Good Fishing!!!


"does the DMF not need the money???"

If they stand to loose $60 mil. over the next three years, I would suspect that yes they would be a little strapped for cash.

So what's the price of freedom ? Is it worth $600K to have Big Brother peaking through your window at night?

Big Pard

@flyguy....Big Pard is NOT Ken Seigler and that I can assure you seastreet, snaggled, Dean...And to continually ASSume so makes you sound dumber than a box of rocks...


@Chuck "They all, with no biological reason whatsoever, decided to allocate red drum and specks through "gamefish status",

Exactly, no biological reason whatsoever for gamefish, Chuck.

If you ask your mama to let you go do something that all the other kids were doing and she said NO,
Would you go do it anyway?

Chuck Laughridge

Ken, once again, there is no biological or scientific reason for or against making the 3 fish listed in HB353 gamefish. None, nada, zip, zilch, between 1 and -1, zero!!!

When all the states from Texas to SC have made the same allocations starting back in the 1980s, and those states still have fresh local seafood for consumers, they have better fishing than they had under their old systems, they have as vibrant a coastal economy as is possible in these hard times (nothing to do with fishing rec or comm), and not one of those states is saying anything good about NC except we get some of the finest data from our NCDMF and then allow the MFC to trash it, pretty sure both my parents would tell me to do the same.

Remember these numbers:


Good Fishing!!!


They don't have their own red drum, a fish that they now pay taxes on to maintain so a few can them fun.

Why have their wild fish been taken away for nothing more than so others can have fun?

Why do those wishing to have fun catching 40-50 a day throwing them back, killing 10 in the process, have the privelege to rob everyone elses pleasure in life?

You say no biological reason?

I say hatcheries, what a pitifully lame excuse to continue overfishing.

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