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March 15, 2011


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Jake Fido

Let's see here, a bill comming from western part of the state regulating the already regulated on the coast.
Let's see here, a bill pushed by the same group that pushed the Fisheries Reform Act of 1997, which requires a balance of resource usage.
Let's see here, a bill that claims that the recreational angler has a greater economic impact (see SPOILED ROTTEN) for the state while killing fish. At last count the commercial man was allocated 480,480lbs. of rock, of which 230,000lbs. were not caught, while the ECONOMICALLY IMPORTANT recreational angler has killed over 10 million lbs. in three months. Wow, one user group has a cap, the other does not?
Jim Harden claims that HB353 will compensate (you can not compensate without first taking away, see "balance" in SPOILED ROTTEN) commercial fishermen. The word commercial fishermen like is "compensation", which means payment for work done.

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