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February 01, 2011


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There was a push by Florida Sportsman magazine following the Florida netban in 95 to do the same exact thing. This was a CCA pushed move to gain more leverage within the state to push there anti-commercial fishing agenda.They suceeded and now you have the Florida Wildlife Commision or FWC. They are no friend to the commercial industry in Florida And have an attitude on the water by there enforcement officers of GUILTY until proven innocent! This merging of two agencys was pushed as heavily as the netban by CCA's Florida Sportsman Magazine. So when I see Joe Albea, a known anti commercial,CFRG founder,CCA lover, calling for an exact replay of What has litteraly made the state of Florida an anti-commercial state,BIG red flags start to go up!This move is totally agenda driven and has nothing to do with saving this state money! Fisherman and familys of, need to voice a big fat NO to this one!!!!

Kenneth Seigler

Hey Joe, take a minute to explain one thing for us all here.
Lets just suppose what you are looking for were to be done.
--How will or would that one all powerful commission stop cold-stunned speckled sea trout, dying in tidal waters ?

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