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April 18, 2010


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Concern Citizen

Since I was nineteen I have been commercial fishing and charter fishing for a living. I choose this occupation because of my love and passion for being on the water. All I want is to be able to pay my bills and live a manageable life. If I wanted luxuries and material items I would have went to college. Opportunity and ablity to graduate with a degree had nothing to do with my decision. I get to watch the sun come up and set almost everyday. The peace and satisfation I recieve from fishing is more than enough to allow me to enjoy my life and fulfil my dreams. Unfortunitly, people that spend a fraction of the time on the water as I do are trying to take what I have from me. Because of all the new laws and regulations, me and people like me are forced to work harder and harder every year. This is wrong! Make me into a pirate and that is exactly what you with get! Keep pushing fishermen around and you may find it hard to sleep at night!


Gill netters and fyke netters destroy and kill any and all fisheries. They think with their pocketbook meanwhile hook and liners pay the price in every way. Nets should be eliminated in all of NC. Other states did this and the fish came back 10x in 3 years. jim


Wait untill the truth comes out about net fishermen killing many beautiful Pelicans.

Gill The Netter

I heard the truth came out
about the pelicans & the same group of anti gill netters, just can't accept the truth.Guess we dodged another cheap shot at us.


Why would we want to put someone out of business for killing a pelican? I do not get it? A job for a pelican? People have lost sight on real work. We need jobs not less jobs.I am always curious what the anti commercial haters do for their living? I wish they posted there occupation.
I am a commercial fishermen. What is Jim?

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