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October 23, 2009


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Jeff Oden

It sure is reassuring that the ever vigilant efforts of the CCA are again at work conserving the stocks of stripped bass. Never mind that it comes from no sweat of their own that the CONservation is being perpetuated. I mean after all.... back in 1980 when the fishery was well over 50 % commercial here in N.C.....and now when it is less than 10%....why should anyone want to rock the boat.
After all ....when the ASMFC essentially decided behind closed doors that the historical makeup of the fishery wasn't going forward and neglected commercial representation on advisory panels.....why should anyone expect anything less of the recreational community than to place any preconceived threats to the fishery anywhere else but on the commercial community.
Never mind that a lone recreational angler can conceivably catch 730 rockfish a year in Atlantic waters with a two a day bag limit, while I have been held to a maximum of 30 a YEAR as a gillnetter since the recovery was announced.
Never mind that the last year the fishery was robust at our doorstep, the recreational sector that has no target while we are held to a hard quota with payback....caught 5.7 million pounds to our 480,000 lbs....or 92 % of the landings in our state. So why should they be expected to want to allow a fishery that is not utilized during the year commercially to have carry over! After all...their excesses need restraints...........
You would think this group, as CONservationists, would propose to end their own excesses by going to a one per person bag limit instead of two.... But then again...they can just beat on the little guy and claim their fishery is so much more valuable than the commercial fishery.....since after all.....they don't allow us to catch them anyway....
Well, I gotta ask this one question.....what can you expect from a group that petitions the governor and can't even spell her name right.... It's Perdue you .................s!

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