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July 22, 2008


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I think this one is really insane, my father and I is raising tilapia in our farm but our buyers are getting even more and they said that our tilapia's are really full of taste.


I love tilapia and I just don't know if I can give it up that easily. Would love to read their findings as well as how many test cases they did.


Great job, Susan!

I've also read some farms treat the fish with hormones to produce bigger fish.

Chuck Laughridge

Were the fish tested by Wake farm raised here in the USA or only from foreign suppliers???

Might make a difference to some, to some it never will as they'd like to harvest "wild caught" to produce "fresh local" in ways that are not sustainable.

Take care


For sure, some fishing for their personal consumption wackin' 5.7 million pounds, at two a day sure piles up quick don't they.

Interesting that those producing the "fresh local wild caught" didn't even fill the 480,000 quota, and left 80,000 pounds still swimming.

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